She;kon and Welcome

What Inspires My Work?

I get my inspiration from everything around me. I really believe in the teaching that the energy you bead with is important and intentional, and the item will carry that energy with it. So subjects that bring me joy or ignite a fire in me are my absolute favourite to make. I’m also a cosmetic tattoo artist and draw constant inspiration from traditional tattoo imagery and artists. Most of all, I am inspired by community, specifically other Indigenous artists. I truly admire all of our unique styles and contributions to the living history of Indigenous art and culture that will carry on and preserve our stories for future generations.

How Would I Describe My Style?

 I would describe my style as traditional meets modern. It’s bold and colourful and ready to wear. Its layered, just like me; just like so many of us (Indigenous folks of my generation). So many of us are diasporic on our own land in so many ways and have had to find our ways home to community one step at a time. My beadwork is reconciliation. My beadwork is good medicine.